Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Before we went on vacation (which was a blast btw), my friend gave me this HUGE zucchini from her garden. I didn't have time to do anything with it before we left, so I just stuck it in the fridge. When we got home, I made some zucchini bread for the boys.

I had been wanting to do a chocolate recipe for awhile. I made crispy chocolate cookies that didn't turn out as I expected. They were good and my boy ate quite a few, but they weren't blog worthy.   While I was back home visiting my parents, I decided to make some gluten free brownies. They turned out OK but were missing something. While I was making the zucchini bread for the boys, I decided a gluten free dark chocolate zucchini bread would probably be pretty great. So of course I had to give it a try, and I was right, pretty darn tasty, if I do say so myself :D

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

(Adapted from: Skinnyms. Zucchini Bread)

Wet ingredients:
1/3 cup coconut oil or canola oil
3/4 cup agave syrup or honey
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup rice milk
1 cup grated zucchini

Dry ingredients:
3/4 cup sorghum flour
3/4 cup tapioca starch
1 tsp xanthan gum
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup cocoa
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips (these are optional, I grated a 70% cocoa bar, but dark chocolate chips would work better)
1 cup walnuts


1.  Mix together all wet ingredients until combined.
2. In a separate bowl whisk together dry ingredients.
3. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix until combined.
4. Poor batter into a greased loaf pan.
5. Bake in the center of a preheated 325° oven for one hour. I turned my loaf around after 30 minutes so it baked more evenly.
6. Let cool on a wire rack 10-15 minutes. Slice and serve with vegan margarine.
7. Store in fridge or freeze to eat later!

I still have half of that huge zucchini in the fridge. I'm thinking I may just have to make some more GF chocolate zucchini bread for the lovely, gluten free friend who gave me the zucchini ;)


  1. I need to start paying you to bake for me. I'm too lazy, and you do it anyway so it's a win win right? LOL

    1. hahaha Trish! How about we exchange baking for babysitting ;) I'll make you a zucchini bread too since technically that was half your zucchini! :D

  2. Can't wait for you to bake for me too. hehe

    1. And I can't wait for you to babysit for me ;)