Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Go-to Green Smoothie

YAY first post :)

I've been getting back into green smoothies lately. I first started making them, ohhh maybe 5 years ago. Wow time goes fast!  I would bring one into work every morning and I'd get alot of disgusted looks from co-workers as I sipped it down.  Yeah, they may not look pretty appetizing, but I swear it IS possible to make them pretty tasty!   

Go-to Green Smoothie

1 cup Kale  (you can use other greens such as spinach or even lettuce)
1 cup coconut milk or rice milk
1 frozen banana
2/3 cup frozen blueberries (or any frozen berries)

Optional Add-ins:

1/2 scoop vegetarian protein powder, I use Precision Vanilla Vegetarian Protein
sweetener to taste -  Xylitol, stevia, maple syrup, agave, or honey 

I use a magic bullet to make my smoothies, although in my dreams I make them with a Vitamix blender, gotta start saving for that! Because the magic bullet is a bit small to fit all the ingredients in at once, I do it in steps:
  1.  First blend the Kale and coconut milk
  2. Add the banana and frozen blueberries.  Blend. 
  3. Add more coconut milk if it's not smooth enough.  
  4. Add the protein powder and sweetener and blend again! Done!
If you have a larger blender, just throw all the ingredients in and blend. 

 My almost three year old drank the entire smoothie! Can't be THAT bad ;)


  1. Great first post...2nd post idea...whatever that pancakey looking thing that your boy is eating! Need to know...and can it be made gluten free LOL :D

    1. That's the next post :) GF pancakes!

  2. Yes, I would like that recipe too - seeing that they were so delicious when you made them for my breakfast the other day!